Perdana Menteri sarankan Kod Etika Blogger

Sekarang ini dapat dilihat Perdana Menteri kita, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sudah mula mengambil berat mengenai isu etika seseorang pengendali blog di Malaysia.

Ini kerana, baru-baru ini beliau menyarankan para pengendali blog menjadikan “Kod Etika Blogger” sebagai garis panduan dalam menulis entri blog di Internet.

Kod Etika Blogger yang dimaksudkan adalah:

  • Penulis blog perlu jujur dan adil dalam mengumpul, melapor dan menterjemahkan maklumat.
  • Tidak memplagiat hasil tulisan.
  • Mengenal pasti sumber yang boleh dipercayai.
  • Tidak menerbitkan maklumat tidak tepat.
  • Membezakan antara maklumat sokongan, komentari dan fakta.
  • Mengakui sebarang kesilapan dan membuat pembetulan dengan segera.
  • Menerangkan tujuan blog dan membuka perbincangan mengenainya kepada penulis blog lain dan orang ramai.
  • Memberitahu sebarang aktiviti yang diadakan, kerjasama dan juga agenda peribadi mengenai blog.
  • Berhati-hati dalam menyiarkan maklumat sensasi yang boleh memberi kesan pada mana-mana pihak.

Kod Etika Blogger ini dikeluarkan setelah beliau tertarik dengan artikel A Bloggers’ Code of Ethics yang ditulis oleh CyberJournalist yang menyentuh mengenai etika dalam penulisan di dunia blog.

Bagi pendapat peribadi saya, Kod Etika Blogger ini lebih tertumpu kepada mereka-mereka yang menulis blog mengenai isu-isu hiburan, politik dan juga isu-isu semasa di dalam dan luar negara. Ini termasuklah blog-blog berbentuk peribadi yang juga menyentuh isu-isu seperti yang dinyatakan sebentar tadi.

Namun begitu, dengan adanya kod etika sebegini dapat sedikit sebanyak menjadikan sebagai panduan kepada para pengendali blog di Malaysia dalam menulis artikel untuk blog mereka. Terutamanya bagi mereka yang baru menceburi bidang penulisan blog di tanah air.

Najib Menyarankan Kod Etika Untuk JuruBlog [via Amanz]

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  1. i follow… ko nk follow ke?

  2. Follow je la selagi ianya membawa pada kebaikan… :)

  3. Better kalo ada guideline so masing2 dah tau apa batasan kalo nak blogging.

  4. hasbullah says

    Jd pedoman, tp tak kisah sbenanye, jnji msg2 tau tujuan baik kte blogging, blog utk org yg ske share, tulis and bepikir, phm2 sndiri r

  5. pedoman :D

  6. Minda_budaya says

    Code of ethics: a killjoy to blog
    To incite code of ethics or code of conduct or as such for bloggers to follow when they want to blog would be a killjoy. A total killjoy! I repeat those words just to stress how joy killing it would be. It is like getting into a bumper car ride at the funfair, but the rules is that you are not allowed to bump the heck out of other bumper cars. You can just go round and round the confinement, but no bumping. What a useless and no fun at all. See, it should not be even suggested as a what-if suggestion at all even.
    Having code of ethics as guidelines, it beats the sole purpose to blog and to become a blogger itself. Let the journalist, the article writers and news writers follow, conduct and be judged via code of ethics. If thou want to be holy, thou should just go ahead. But just leave the bloggers out of this nonsense. Bloggers just don’t want to be a part of this so called ethical writing community. And as far as we can read based on current practice, even those news mongers are almost always trying real hard to tilt, bend or nudge off towards their ethics if they have got the chance to do it. If they got away with it, these ethical benders are portrayed as mavericks and so full of balls.
    Well, bloggers are no mavericks, bloggers are no saviors, bloggers are just blokes that want to jot what ought to be wrote and heard out wide. Without restrictions. Without censor guidelines. Without editorial editing. Just from mind to keyboard to world reach. No go-betweens needed to filter and no ethics police to ward off good ideas to be posted. Not to be some cheeky mavericks. Bloggers are not pursuing any medals or awards or recognitions, and if you are longing for those perks, well you are indeed on the wrong train mate. This train is not stopping at stardom station; it will just keep on going on and on spiraling nonstop, up to the point of where the contents might lead us.
    Bloggers should just be free from these ethical burdens. Believe me you when if there is code of ethics or conduct being written as guidelines, bloggers can just kiss freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to wear boxers while typing your blogs goodbye. Any piece that came out based on any sort of ethical guidelines is just good for one thing and one thing only. Only good to be toilet papers replacement or food wrappers and tossed into the recycling bins. These ethical codes shall make it harder for bloggers to key in their ideas into words. These guidelines will make bloggers just as lame as mules. Good for the carrying, not for the thinking. Bloggers don’t go to fancy news schools or study in mass-comm. media institutions just to learn how to write mate. A true blogger will just chew the input, spit it out, crumble those words and throw it out, all hot and in your face kind of way.
    If even some sort of measurement stick should need to be imposed, it should be far away and not related to ethics and such. The most suitable benchmark would be values. That is what everyone should be looking up dearly into at the first place after all, values. It doesn’t care how juicy your articles are if you do not have values in it. It’s just rubbish; it’s just like food without any health benefit. Blogs that do not have values in it are just like fast food that is hazardous to your health if consumed way too often and much. That is for sure.
    All bloggers wants to be valued and to have a valuable piece and be look up and remembered in time for the values you spread. For bloggers, it would be an honor to be considered so valuable. How lovely it shall be if bloggers could understand that these mainstream people who are being so judgmental towards bloggers will be shut off when what they can see in it are values that can be the positive essence useful in life.
    So instead of code of ethics, what really needs to be set up as the benchmark would be the values needed to be a good blogger. Not ethics or code of conduct. Bloggers should be measured by the values it put in inside its blog contents. How it is so important to have shared values and add values to our ever so degrading world. Messages that contain values are what the basis that all bloggers should strive on, not how to follow some impractical ethical codes that will just turn all of us into predictable molded article or story writers.
    So, ending and summing all these up would be to spark out an incitement that would make all bloggers to type in extra values and be perceived as laden with exceptional values. Just leave code of ethics out of the blogger sphere. Let that ethical stuff be gargled by official news journalist.


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